Make a Family Plan

Disaster can happen at any time. Your family may not be in the same place when an emergency happens. Plan how you will get in touch with each other and talk about what you will do in different emergencies

Here are some helpful tips:

Have an "Out-of-State" Contact

It may be easier to call long-distance than call across town. Have a common out-of-state contact that can share information with all family members.
  1. Make sure everyone has the phone number of your "Out-of-State" contact.

  2. Give everyone coins or a prepaid phone card to make this emergency call.

  3. You may not get through right away. Keep trying and be patient.

Know Your Local Emergency Information

Make sure you know the kinds of disasters that are most likely to happen where you live. They may be natural or man-made. Learn how your local officials will tell you about an emergency. You may hear a special siren, get a telephone call, or emergency workers may knock on your door. Another way of communication is the Emergency Broadcast System that relays messages on radio and TV.

For the latest news on emergency conditions across the state, visit to access real time updates during natural or human caused emergencies and disasters.

Call your chapter of the American Red Cross for emergency information in your community.

Be "In the Know" Wherever You Go

Find out about the emergency plans where your family spends time, like work, daycare, and school. If there isn’t a plan, volunteer to help create one. Talk with your neighbors about how you can all work together in an emergency. By thinking ahead, you'll be more prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones in an emergency.

Click here to download a Household Disaster Plan Checklist and an Emergency Reference Sheet to help you get started in your emergency preparedness efforts.

For more information, see "Family Disaster Planning" from the American Red Cross.

Click here to find local information and resources in your area.


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