Make a Plan

Should You Stay or Go?

You will have to decide whether you should stay in your home or leave in the event of an emergency. Planning for both situations is important. You should decide whether to stay or go by using common sense and always listening to the information on hand provided by your local authorities.

There are times when “staying” or “sheltering in place” makes the most sense, especially in cases where there may be contaminated air outside or when there is no immediate significant threat to remaining where you are.

In some cases, it may be necessary to leave your home or neighborhood. Officials will tell you where to go through the media and direct warnings. This option is used as a last resort when a serious threat to public safety exists.

Leave your home immediately when you are:

  • asked to do so by an emergency official
  • in immediate danger

Again, use your best judgment, and follow instructions issued by emergency officials. Visit to access real time updates during natural or human caused emergencies and disasters. Above all, and in all cases, remain calm and focused.

Sometimes, the authorities may not be able to give information on the events. Check the radio or TV for the latest news and official instructions. If word comes that you should leave or seek medical care, do so right away.

Click here to download a Be Prepared to Stay Checklist and Be Prepared to Go Checklist to help you get started in your emergency preparedness efforts.

Click here to find local information and resources in your area.


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